Work Experience

Work experience gives you the chance to learn new skills and improve those you already have. You will be helping others at the same time...and helping yourself build a better future. Many people have moved into new types of work on the back of the work experience they've done - and you can join them.

Choose the organisation or group you wish to help carefully. Make sure it does something you feel is important, something you feel passionately about. Make sure that the experience will improve your own chances of getting back into paid work.

What you can offer, what you can learn

Doing unpaid work experience, also known as volunteering, can bring you great rewards.  Getting unpaid work experience is a win/win situation - you gain extra skills and the organisation gets someone passionate and committed to their work.


Work experience: how to find it

Don’t be surprised by the number or variety of ways to find the work experience opportunity you would like. We have listed 15 useful and informative websites here.

You can find your local Volunteer Centre on the Volunteering England website. Volunteer Centres can put you in touch with local organisations that do the kind of work you want to do. Or search through volunteering opportunities yourself on a database on the Do it! website.

Check out these sites for work experience and volunteering opportunities for young people:

Through the TimeBank website you can register your details, what you're interested in doing and how much time you have to spare. They'll send you details of your local Volunteer Centre or an application form if you showed an interest in a particular campaign or work experience opportunity.

REACH is a charity that helps professionals use their skills and experience in voluntary roles. Their volunteers have skills in areas such as management, entrepreneurship, marketing, IT, administration, HR, finance and accountancy.

If you want to get work experience overseas you could check out these websites:

You can also get more information about work experience using these links:

What is the value of Work Experience?

Young people develop maturity and confidence when they are given the opportunity to work with the professionals in your company. You can supply that opportunity.

Employers and Business - Why get involved?

  • Help to recruit and prepare your future employees 
  • Support your local community
  • Motivate and develop the skills of your own staff  
  • Raise your business profile and connect with other employers
  • Help a young person plan their career