Key Stage 5 is a label used to describe the two years of education for students aged 16-18, or at sixth form, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, aligning with previous Key Stages as labelled for the National Curriculum.

Halfway through Key Stage 5, students sit the GCE Advanced Subsidiary Levels examination and at the end of Key Stage 5, they sit the A2 Level examinations. Both AS and A2 level combined form the GCE Advanced Level qualification.

Key Stage 5 is also the stage of education where students go through more intense and challenging courses in very specific subjects. This stage is the last stage of secondary education for members of sixth form. When A levels are achieved the students will be able to apply to university.

Not all schools have a sixth form and many students will attend tertiary or Sixth Form Colleges.  In the city and County of Swansea the following schools still have a sixth form facility.

Sixth Form Colleges 

Young people in the Swansea area have a plethora of choices when it comes to deciding where to study post GCSE.

The Welsh Baccalaureate qualification is still taken at post-16 level.  More information can be found here.

If you are studying A/AS levels with WJEC, you can access subject specifications and past papers using the links.

If you are studing A/AS levels with AQA, you can access information and past papers using the links.

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